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Capture One Pro – one of the most powerful professional converter of digital photos in RAW format that supports a wide range of modern cameras. The program allows for single and batch mode to convert “on the fly” RAW files in full TIFF (RGB / CMYK) and JPG format, adjust white balance, effectively handle “overexposed” and “underexposed” pictures, fine-tune the sharpness of the image and eliminate color noise.

The main contribution Capture One Pro – is a quick batch processing of images with pre-set preferences without interference in the routine process of the photographer. This is convenient because if related to a series of images, their specifications should be the same and do not differ by the presence / absence of noise, sharpness, color settings, camera profile. Converter can save presets, which if necessary can quickly take advantage of. For example, you can optimize the maximum transfer b / w with the given settings, sharpness and contrast, if you are fond of “classical” picture, and just let pictures to print without spending a whole evening to carry out repetitive actions with each snapshot of the series.


• Import photos from a preview.
• Batch processing of images with pre-set preferences.
• The simultaneous conversion of one RAW-file in several formats.
• Proper support for color profiles ICC.
• Correction of chromatic aberration, distortion, vignetting and other optical defects of images.
• Fine-tuning of colors and white balance with the circle.
• A separate panel to set the colors of the skin, with the ability to save presets.
• Ability to split toning globally or on control points directly to a photo in the color editor.
• Supports the most popular DSLR and digital backs from Phase One.
• Direct capture images from the cameras with a cable connection or a Wi-Fi.
• The overlay composition and design.
• Support for multiple monitors.

New in Capture One Pro 7
Built on the world’s best raw processing engine, Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice in imaging software. It gives photographers the highly responsive, precision tools they need to create stunning out-of-the-box images from leading high-end cameras. With a fast and intuitive workflow, it can be customized to fit unique project requirements.

More than 100 new features in Capture One Pro 7 support you with infinite possibilities to organize, adjust, and showcase your work. Go with the professional solution to help you and your photography excel.
— Image quality revolution
— Superior adjustment tools
— Powerful digital asset management
— Instant tethered capture
— Intelligent corrections
Adjustable previews
OpenCL enabled processing
Manual sorting
High-speed caching
Process to additional formats
Drag-and-drop tagging
Save ICC profile as default
And much more…

Highlights, version 7.0.1
This is a service release providing a number of bug fixes, performance enhancements,
improvements and camera support.

Bug fixes
• Stability improvements in particular on Mac.
• Fixed issues with slideshow on Windows.
• A large number of other fixes improving quality.

Performance enhancements
• Import speed improved on Mac.
• Fixed a performance issues related to the presence of many styles/presets on Mac.
• Better performance when a catalog references images from many different locations on Mac.
• OpenCL accelerated local adjustments and flip.
• OpenCL support on Mac OS 10.8.
• Reduced memory usage.

Functionality improvements
• Classic clarity method for Capture One 6 look.
• Improved auto white balance.
• Support for 16bit JPEG 2000. Other changes
• By default images are now imported as referenced.
• Release Notes are a separate download and not accessible directly from the application.

Camera support
• File support for Canon 6D (preliminary).
• File support for Nikon J2 (preliminary).
• Tethered support Nikon D600.
• File support for Leica D-Lux 6 (preliminary).
• File support for Olympus E-PL5 and E-PM2 (both preliminary).
• File support for Panasonic DMC-GH3 (preliminary).
• File support for Pentax K-5 IIs and K-5 II (both preliminary),
• File support for Sony DSC-RX1, NEX-6 and NEX-5R (all preliminary).

Lens support
• Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED.
• Sigma (Canon EF) APO 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM.
• Carl Zeiss (Hasselblad V): Makro-Planar T* 4/120 CFE.

Image quality features and improvements

• New image processing pipeline.
• Greatly improved high ISO noise reduction.
• Improved highlight recovery.
• New improved HDR tool.
• New improved clarity tool.
• Improved auto white balance.
• Revised custom made defaults.
• Linear Scientific film curves for IQ backs
• Capture One 6 look can be preserved.
Catalog features
• Side-by-side session and catalogs for those who love the classic session workflow.
• All-in-one catalogs with fully managed image files.
• Full support for referenced image files placed outside the catalog.
• Folders tool for easily managing the location of image files by drag-drop.
• Catalogs as documents. Work with multiple catalogs just as easy as any other document.
• Full virtual organization. Organize virtual groups and projects in addition to the existing
albums and smart albums.
• Shared catalogs allowing several users of a catalog at once.
• Support for offline image files allowing user to browse, organize and edit metadata even when
the original image files are not available.
• Adjustable previews allowing even visual adjustments on offline images.
• Intuitive Media Pro style filtering.
• Drag-drop tagging of images.
• Both sessions and catalogs are cross platform.

Capture and import features

• Live view for DSLR.
• Camera controls for metering, flash mode and mirror position.
• Unified capture and import counters.
• Decrement capture and import counter.
• Reverse sorting in importer.
Select and organize features / ????? ? ???????????
• Manual sorting in collections.
• Additional sorting criteria.

Enhance and adjust features and improvements

• Improved lens correction workflow.
• High quality lens profiles for both MF and DSLR systems.
• Separate LCC tool and improved LCC workflow.
• Customize default ICC profiles per camera.
• Horizontal and vertical flip.
• Improved local adjustments workflow.
• Auto mask.
• Gradient mask.
• Fill mask.

Export and print features

• Classic export.
• Export originals.
• Process and export to PNG, JPEG 2000 and JPEG XR.
• Process and export to PSD.
• Process and export to calibrated DNG.
• Capture Pilot Web.

Performance improvements

• Faster browsing
• Faster file operations
• High speed processing using OpenCL.


• Retina display support.

Camera support

• File support for Canon 650D, G15 and S110 (all preliminary).
• File support for Nikon D800E, D600 and D3200.
• File support for Panasonic DMC-LX7 (preliminary).
• File support for Ricoh GXR A16 (preliminary).
• File support for Samsung EX2F.
• File support for Sony SLT-A99, NEX-F3 and DSC-RX100 (all preliminary).

Lens support

This release adds a huge number of lens profiles for both Medium Format and DSLR cameras.
Please see the section on lens support later in this document for a complete overview.

System requirements
Capture One 7.0 may run on other and older equipment than what’s listed below but to ensure the
best possible results we recommend that your computer conforms to the following specifications:

Microsoft® Windows® Minimum Requirements
• Intel Core 2 TM Duo or better.
• 4 GB of RAM
• 10 GB of free hard disk space
• Calibrated color monitor with 1280 x 800, 24 bit resolution at 96dpi screen ruling
• Windows Vista® SP2 64bit, Windows 7® SP1 64bit, Windows 8® 64bit
• Microsoft®.NET Framework version 4.0 (will be installed if not present)
• A PDF reader is needed to read the Release Notes
• Flash is required to view the intro video
• An Internet connection when activating Capture One

Recommended System Requirements

Working with high resolution camera systems, doing certain types of adjustments or doing many
things simultaneously may put too much pressure on a minimum requirements system to work
properly. In such cases and to optimize performance, please follow the recommendations below:
• Use processors with multiple cores, e.g. Intel Core i7 TM or better
• Have 8 GB of RAM or more
• Leave plenty of hard disk space free for your images
• A fast hard disk e.g. a Solid State Disk (SSD)
• A fast 1GB or more Graphics card from Nvidia or AMD

System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows®
Intel® Core® 2 Duo or better.
4 GB of RAM
10 GB of free hard disk space
Calibrated color monitor with 1280 x 800, 24 bit resolution at 96dpi screen ruling
Windows® 8 64bit, Windows® 7 64bit, Windows Vista® SP2 64bit
Microsoft® .NET Framework version 4.0 (will be installed if not present)
A PDF reader is needed to read the Release Notes
Flash is required to view the intro video
An Internet connection when activating Capture One




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