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DevArt UniDac v.4.5.10 Full Source (07-Nov-12) » Все для Delphi и не только…
4.5.10 07-Nov-12

Some improvements for NEXTGEN support are added
Support for ftGraphic and ftFmtMemo parameter data types is added
Informativity of messages about errors in connection is improved
Dependency of design-time packages on FMX packages is removed
Bug with data loss in pessimistic lock mode is fixed
Bug with AV failure in RefreshQuick method is fixed
Bug with renaming of fields with the same names is fixed
Bug with dependency parameters count in macros on delimeter is fixed
Bug with storing the LoginPrompt connection property is fixed
Bug with dump data from VIEW is fixed
Bug with creating columns on setting the TableName property in TDALoader is fixed
Bug with setting specific connection options in the connection editor under Lazarus is fixed
Several bugs in design-time editors are fixed

Oracle data provider
Limitation on maximum 10 Oracle Homes is removed
Bug with parameter length for UTF8 databases is fixed
Bug with parameter length loaded from DFM is fixed
Bug with LargeInt calculated fields is fixed
Bug with refresh cursor with AutoClose=True is fixed
Bug with LOB fields for Oracle 8.0.5 is fixed

SQLServer data provider
The NativeClientVersion specific option to set the version of SQL Native Client provider is added
Bug with using the NEWSEQUENTIALID() default expression is fixed
Bug with inserting float values to real fields is fixed
‘Range check error’ when working with varbinary(max) or varchar(max) is fixed

MySQL data provider
Support of interactive connections is added
Support for binary parameters of stored procedures is added

PostgreSQL data provider
Bug when processing domain type procedure parameters is fixed
Bug with processing composite type fields is fixed
Bug with executing a stored procedure when multiple default schema names are set in the connection is fixed
Bug in the TPgQuery.BreakExec method is fixed

SQLite data provider
Now the Direct mode is based on the SQLite engine version
FTS3 and FTS4 support in the Direct mode is added

NexusDB data provider
Support of NexusDB 3.11 is added
Data Type Mapping support is added
The HeartbeatInterval, LostConnectionTimeout and WatchdogInterval options for connection is added
Bug with the filter timed out error is fixed

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