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  • A Deepness in the Sky (Audiobook) (repost)

    A Deepness in the Sky (Audiobook) By Vernor Vinge
    English | 2009 | ISBN: 0812536355 | ASIN: B0030MQZY0 | 28 hours and 25 minutes | MP3 | 585 MB

    Vernor Vinge established himself as one of our greatest living science-fiction writers with his critically acclaimed, best-selling, Hugo Award-winning novel A Fire Upon the Deep. Now he returns to the captivating universe of that book, transporting us back 30,000 years.

  • Total Film Italia N.3 – Novembre 2012

    Total Film Italia N.3 – Novembre 2012
    Italian | PDF | 116 Pages | 105 Mb

  • Rival Rails: The Race to Build America’s Greatest Transcontinental Railroad (Audiobook)

    Rival Rails: The Race to Build America's Greatest Transcontinental Railroad (Audiobook) By Walter R. Borneman, read by Norman Dietz
    Unabridged edition 2010 | 15 hours | ISBN: 140016768X | MP3 80 kbps | 525 MB

  • Accelerando (Singularity) (Audiobook)

    Accelerando (Singularity) (Audiobook) By Charles Stross
    English | 2006 | ISBN: 0441014151 | MP3 | 406 MB

    The Singularity. It is the era of the posthuman. Artificial intelligences have surpassed the limits of human intellect. Biotechnological beings have rendered people all but extinct. Molecular nanotechnology runs rampant, replicating and reprogramming at will. Contact with extraterrestrial life grows more imminent with each new day.

  • What Liberty Ate Magazine Issue #2 – Spring / Summer 2012

    What Liberty Ate Magazine Issue #2 – Spring / Summer 2012
    English | 148 Pages | PDF | 26.33 Mb

  • Ribelle – The Brave (2012)

    Ribelle – The Brave (2012)
    A Film by Mark Andrews
    BRrip 480p | MPEG-4 Visual | AVI | 720×304 | Xvid @ 1752 Kbps | 01:34:12 | 5% Recovery | 1.6 Gb
    Languages Available: Italian AC3 @ 640 Kbps CBR | Subtitle: English (.srt)
    Genre: Animation, Adventure

    Merida, abile arciera, è l'impetuosa figlia di Re Fergus e della Regina Elinor. Determinata a farsi strada nella vita, Merida sfida un'usanza antichissima, considerata sacra dai fragorosi signori della terra: il potente Lord MacGuffin, il burbero Lord Macintosh e l'irascibile Lord Dingwall. Le azioni della principessa involontariamente scatenano il…

  • Child Poverty in America Today (Repost)

    Barbara A. Arrighi, David J. Maume, "Child Poverty in America Today"
    English | ISBN: 0275989267 | 2007 | PDF | 792 pages | 6,43 mb

  • What Liberty Ate Magazine Issue #1 – Fall / Winter 2011

    What Liberty Ate Magazine Issue #1 – Fall / Winter 2011
    English | 138 Pages | PDF vScans | 22.27 Mb

  • Motosprint Extra – Novembre 2012

    Motosprint Extra – Novembre 2012
    Italian | PDF | 84 Pages | 39 Mb

  • Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice (Repost)

    Dave Chaffey, "Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice"
    English | ISBN: 0273694057 | 2006 | PDF | 584 pages | 8,34 mb

  • Emma Frain – Studio Photoshoot January 2012

    Emma Frain – Studio Photoshoot January 2012
    9 JPG | up to 3740×5600 | 37,5 mb
    British glamour model

  • Tygers of Pan Tang – Ambush (2012)

    Tygers of Pan Tang 2012 Ambush
    EAC Rip | APE: IMAGE+CUE+LOG | 430.65 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 142.83 MB | Time: 49:03 | Covers
    Genre: Heavy Metal, NWOBHM | Label: Rocksector Records | Cat.#: RSRCD1223

    “Ambush” is the Tygers of Pan Tang’s latest offering, an eleven track opus which sees the band re-uniting with producer Chris Tsangarides. Whilst primarily a front runner of the NWOBHM scene, the band have fused their usual sound with a melodic rock influence to keep things fresh and interesting. This new album is their first with Chris Tsangarides since the “Spellbound” album in 1981.

  • Motosprint N.47 – 20/26 Novembre 2012

    Motosprint N.47 – 20/26 Novembre 2012
    Italian | PDF | 84 Pages | 38 Mb

  • You Are Not a Gadget A Manifesto (Audiobook) (repost)

    You Are Not a Gadget A Manifesto (Audiobook) By Jaron Lanier
    English | 2010 | ASIN: B0033ZP7C0 | 7 hours and 40 minutes | MP3 | 229 MB

    Jaron Lanier, a Silicon Valley visionary since the 1980s, was among the first to predict the revolutionary changes the World Wide Web would bring to commerce and culture. Now, in his first book, written more than two decades after the Web was created, Lanier offers this provocative and cautionary look at the way it is transforming our lives for better and for worse.

  • Agile Game Development with Scrum (Repost)

    Clinton Keith, "Agile Game Development with Scrum"
    English | ISBN: 0321618521 | 2010 | PDF | 384 pages | 20,75 mb

  • A Wizard of Mars (Young Wizards, Book 9) (Audiobook)

    A Wizard of Mars (Young Wizards, Book 9) (Audiobook) By Diane Duane
    English | 2010 | ISBN: 1449827950 | ASIN: B004JS0U54 | 15 hours and 13 minutes | MP3 | 417 MB

    In this ninth novel in her acclaimed Young Wizards series, New York Times best-selling author Diane Duane whisks listeners away to Mars for a compelling adventure.
    While young wizards Kit and Nita investigate the mystery of the Red Planet's long-lost inhabitants, life suddenly emerges again to shake Mars with its own perilous and baffling brand of magic. Kit's long-standing Martian fascination ensnares him in a terrible, age-old conflict – making him a key to its solution or a tool for destroying humans. As Nita searches for Kit, she soon finds herself battling an implacable foe.

  • Auto – Dicembre 2012

    Auto – Dicembre 2012
    Italian | PDF | 314 Pages | 124 Mb

  • Final Theory A Novel (Audiobook)

    Final Theory A Novel (Audiobook) By Mark Alpert
    English | 2011 | ISBN: 1442338156 | M4B | 324 MB

    Columbia University professor David Swift is called to the hospital to comfort his mentor, a physicist who's been brutally attacked. With his last words, the dying man gives his former pupil a seemingly random string of numbers that could hold the key to Einstein's last and greatest secret: Einheitliche Feldtheorie, The Theory of Everything.

  • Wizards at War (Young Wizards, Book 8) (Audiobook)

    Wizards at War (Young Wizards, Book 8) (Audiobook) By Diane Duane
    English | 2006 | ASIN: B000LR7EYC | 15 hours and 15 minutes | MP3 | 419 MB

    Nita and Kit return from their wizardly holiday and are looking forward to getting back to their everyday routine. But there's trouble brewing. A strange darkness of the mind and heart is about to befall the older wizards of the world, stealing away their power. Soon the young wizards of Earth and many other planets find themselves forced to defend wizards and nonwizards alike against an invasion of a kind they've never imagined. But mere defense won't be enough to combat the evil afoot. With their alien teammates, Nita, Kit, and Dairine must race to search worlds known and unknown for the secret weapon the Powers that Be have promised them, before the minions of the sinister Lone Power find it first. And then, for the first time in millennia, the wizards must go to war.

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