Cindy Components v4.42 for All Delphi

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Packages with 59 components for all delphi versions to build windows applications:
Gradient controls (buttons, speedbuttons, panels) with features like colored bevels, wallpaper, shadowText, caption orientation etc…
TcyCommunicate and TcyCommRoomConnector allows communication between applications running in same computer session.
TcySearchFiles and TcyCopyfiles allow respectively search and copy files with pause/resume/abort features.
TcyResizer allow move and resize components at run-time like delphi 2009 does.
Advanced DBX components for easy table data handling (tcyDbxTable or TcyDbxSimpleTable), schema modifications (TcyDbxUpdateSql), reconcile handling (TcyDBXReconcileError) and table creation.
TcyMathParser can parse matematical expressions.
TcyWebBrowser allows view/edit html documents.
TcyDbAdvGrid is a DBGrid with advanced feature rendering like gradient fixed cells, multiselection handling, embedded graphic and memo fields etc …
TcyDocER extract document information (mail, phone, amounts etc …) using OCR results from any source like Tesseract (open source) or Transym (comercial but cheap, fast, easy and powerful).
TcyBook allow to see images in a virtual book with turn page effect and pages handling.

Each component demo (code sources and executables) avaible here:

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