IBObjects v4.9.14 build 53 Full Source (support XE3)

IBObjects v4.9.14 build 53 Full Source (support XE3) » Все для Delphi и не только…
IBObjects 10/10/2012 Version 4.9 Release 14 [Build 53] Full Source

Easy distribution and installallation
No royalties or additional libraries
2 to 5 times overall performance increase is typical
Lightning locates on large datasets
Virtual TDataset compatibility with standard data controls, report writers, and InfoPower
Over 45 controls, lookups, grids, toolbars and dialogs custom tailored to achieve optimum client/server performance
Supports release versions of Delphi and CPPBuilder from Delphi 4 onward, all releases of Firebird and InterBase (Delphi 3 support available too)

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