Web design tutorial: Marrying Magento and Paypal together

Web design tutorial: Marrying Magento and Paypal together – Creare’s Web Design Blog

Hey hey blog readers and fellow web design legends!

Today I wanted to write a blog post about Magento and how to get your Paypal to work properly within it and not just messing things up.

A lot of people are having issues with Magento and Paypal not talking to one another properly. The main problem I and other Magento users have suffered from is someone makes a purchase on a Magento store and pays through paypal. They get transferred to Paypal as normal, pay as normal, and get transferred to a completion page, then that’s it, customer experience is over. They get no email from the site they have just spent money with and the seller gets no email to say a order has been made. Then, when they log into their Magento backend they are greeted with a new order that is ‘pending payment’ even though the payment has been made, not good, not good at all.

So, I tried many ways to sort this, changing credentials, changing the IPN to loads of different addresses and it just wasn’t working, then, I fixed it, here’s how:

Paypal IPN

Ok, first thing you need to do is make sure you’re running the correct IPN address, there are many blog posts out there with loads of different variations, but the one below is the one you need and it will work:


Ok, now that’s done, let’s log into the back end of your Magento and get this configured up properly.

You need to log in and navigate to System>Config>Paypal – once there ensure your settings match this:

Country: The country your based in

Email: your paypal address (case sensitive)

Select a PayPal Solution: Ensure you have ‘Express Checkout’ checked

API Auth method: API Signature

(important: click on the ‘get credentials from paypal’ button and copy all the info that they give you [you will need to log into paypal to get these] copy them into a text file as paypal does have some hidden special characters you need to remove. After pasting them all into a text file, remove any styles then paste them into your Magento backend)




Sandbox: No


Express checkout settings:

Title: PayPal Express Checkout

Sort order: leave blank

Payment action: Sale

Payment applicable from: All allowed countries

Debug: No

Transfer: Yes

Shipping options: No

Shortcut: No for both

Buttons: Dynamic

Guest: No

Billing: No

If you enter all the above, your Paypal will now talk to your Magento and work properly. It will take people to Paypal to pay and then back to your store to review the order. They they click submit and it submits the payment to your Magento back end and you and the customer gets a order confirmation email and the order is marked as ‘Processing’ in the back end (obviously cause you need to process the order).

That’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed this web design tutorial and we can all shout “FINALLY a solution for this is on the internet!”