Softtree SQL Assistant v6.2.112

Softtree SQL Assistant v6.2.112 » Все для Delphi и не только…

New Features and Major Changes

Bulk SQL code generator, with ready to use templates for generating CRUD procedures.
Easy Excel data export / import to and from database.
Hierarchical and flat XML data export / import.
Improved SQL Intellisense – automatic and suggested corrections for misspelled keywords, names, parameters, etc…
Improved SQL Intellisense – suggestions for code generating code snippets.
New set of add-ons for SQL Server Management Studio 2005, 2008, 2012 for SQL Assistant integration with the Database Object Explorer.
Updated Visual Studio 2010 add-ons extending support to VS2010 Ultimate Edition
Referential integrity rules checking added to dependencies analyzer and smart database refactoring methods.
Multi-server multi-database Code search
Multi-server multi-database Data search.
Mouse-over hints for schema and database names with statistical info and action links.
Support for MDX windows and queries in SQL Server Management Studio.
Auto-bookmarks (visual bookmarks with screenshots) from specially formatted script comments..
Enhancements in macro-script parameters processing, new options for getting updatable columns and key based columns..
Auto-highlighting performance costliest operations and steps in Query Execution Plans. .
DDL code reverse-engineering now supports object and column based comments..

Lots of other minor changes and enhancements.

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