TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Script Edition v5.2.0.0 with XE3 support

TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro Script Edition v5.2.0.0 with XE3 support » Все для Delphi и не только…
release October 23, 2012 : version v5.2.0.0

– New: RAD Studio XE3 support
New: IntraWeb 14 support

– IWAdvImage
Improved: OnAsyncClick event handling

– IWAdvCheckGroup
Improved: design-time rendering
Fixed: Issue with custom font settings in Chrome

– IWDBAdvWebGrid
Fixed: Issue when a DetailGrid is assigned and MouseSelect is set to msMove

– IWDatePicker, IWCalendar
Fixed: Issue when using a single quote in the NameOfDays or NameOfMonths value

– IWColorComboBox
Fixed: Font color and background color of the selected item are displayed correctly in non-IE browsers
Fixed: The control is now displayed with the correct width

– IWAdvWebGrid
Fixed: Issue with editing cells after async updating the cell value for edSpinEdit and edDatePicker editors
Fixed: Borders.Outer setting was not displayed correctly in IE.
Fixed: Possible incorrect columnheader/controller width when StretchColumn > -1 and UseFullWidth = true
Fixed: Rows that are set to selected server-side are not reset to the original color when the checkbox is unchecked at client-side
Fixed: ctRadioButton selection between different pages was incorrect

– IWAdvImageButton
Fixed: Issue with onclick event

– IWMultiColumnComboBox
Fixed: Issue with asynchronously adding a row that contains text with quotes

– IWCaptchaImage
New: 64-bit support

– IWAdvEdit
Fixed: Issue with signed character handling in Chrome
Fixed: Issue with special characters when EditType is set to etUpperCase or etLowerCase

– IWAutoFormFill
Fixed: Corrected rendering when Form.LeftToRight is False
Fixed: Issue when using double quotes in PresetValues

– IWAdvTreeView
Fixed: Issue with displaying node images referenced from an external web server

– IWAdvSpinEdit
Fixed: Issue SubmitOnReturn not working correctly

– IWDateSelector
Fixed: Issue with messagebox

Fixed: Warning message in IW 12.2.8

– IWExchangeBar
Fixed: Possible JS error when using Controls in Panels

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