Magento How-to: Error and Solution

Magento How-to: Error and Solution

At some point, everybody encounters problems when running an online store. Even if it is as powerful as Magento, troubles are unavoidable.

Sometimes you get a page with 404 error, or something like “an error processing your request”. On other occasions, you are just facing the fact that some of the store functions are not working correctly or are unavailable. The most difficult cases are when you don’t suspect there is a problem, but finally someone informs you about it.

Basically, every trouble within Magento installation comes down to the same thing. In the majority of cases, you see the outcome – but you don’t know the reason. Fixing software problems can technically take a few minutes. However, it is possible only when you know where to look.

This is the most time consuming job – to figure out WHY this or that is not working as it should. The reason may be the bad code, invalid Magento configuration, dangerous PHP options enabled or thousands other possible issues. Even for an experienced programmer it may take a while to test several possible variants and find out what is wrong.

But for the fierce competition, Magento errors wouldn’t be so dangerous for your business. You could put the site under maintenance and have someone fix the malfunctioning or do it yourself. Although, this is the last thing to do and you know why. Finding your site unavailable would leave the clients disgruntled and make them lose confidence in your enterprise.

However, to keep on going with the dysfunctional store is not a better option. Customers would just leave, as they have plenty of other stores to buy from. Certainly, no one wants to waste time at a store which doesn’t work well. Would you? Moreover, after abandoning your site once, the clients are very unlikely to come back again.

Basically, a single Magento error can set off the negative chain-reaction:

Magento error => Customer satisfaction decrease => Trust & reputation ruin => Traffic drop => Sales reduction => Income loss

To prevent a situation like this, you should aim at stopping the chain right where it begins – that is eliminate errors in the shortest possible time before it affects many clients. Doing it manually is not effective and very complex task.

There is the way to make it easier and productive with an automated monitoring service Shopping Cart Diagnostics. It is the web based service designed for online store monitoring. It’ll track more than 100 types of errors in all aspects of your Magento store.

Shopping Cart Diagnostics not just detects and displays the errors and mistakes. It also sends you email notifications, so that you become aware of such cases right after they occur and take the necessary actions to fix them and prevent losses of your clients and revenue.

So if you want to make your site function properly, don’t waste your time- register an account and get all errors located easily and swiftly!

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