Single File System v2.60 Full Source

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Single File System v2.60 Full Source

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Single File System (SFS) allows you to store
multiple files and folders as a part of a single compound file.
With SFS you also get an advanced compression and encryption functionality.

Key Features
– Compiles into exe – no dll / ocx required.
– TFileStream interface to deal with files transparently stored within a single file.
– One stream provides compression / decompression on the fly for write
and read operations.
– Forward and backward seeks in compressed stream.
– Read and write any portion of data at any file position.
– Full compatibility with standard file and folder management routines
– Recovering physically damaged files.
– Progress indication for potentially slow operations.
– Compression rate indicator.
– Strong encryption provided by AES Rijndael algorithm.
– Could be configured to comply with U.S. and other export restrictions.
– Fastest compression level is extremely fast.
– Good balanced compression levels provide both good rate and high speed.
– Max compression levels provide much better compression rate than Rar,
Zip, etc.
– Huge files support: more than 2 GB even on FAT-32.
– Small customizable footprint.
– Full source code is available.
– Includes comprehensive help and demos for Delphi and C++ Builder.

– version 2.60 (02/12/2007)

New features added:
1. Search methods now supports 64-bit file sizes (TSearchRec.FindData).
2. SFSManager utility updated.

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