Ehlib v6.0 full source for Delphi 7 – XE2

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Version 6.0

* Fixed handling of the global variable OldStyleFlatBorder.
In previous versions, if OldStyleFlatBorder = False (default
value is False), then if TDBEditEh.Flat = True then
drawing boundaries of TDBEditEh in Flat style never worked.
In this version, if OldStyleFlatBorder = False then
drawing boundaries of TDBEditEh in Flat style will work
when the Windwos is in the Classic style and drawing Flat border
will not work when the Windwos is in Themed environments and
application use Themes.

+ Added a Images property in the class

TEditButtonEh (TDBEditEh.EditButtons[i].Images)

of a TEditButtonImagesE type.

 TEditButtonImagesEh = class(TPersistent)
      property NormalImages: TCustomImageList;
      property HotImages: TCustomImageList;
      property PressedImages: TCustomImageList;
      property DisabledImages: TCustomImageList;

      property NormalIndex: Integer;
      property HotIndex: Integer;
      property PressedIndex: Integer;
      property DisabledIndex: Integer;

Now it is allowed to draw Images from ImageList in EditButtons of Edit controls
and columns of TDBGridEh. Images are drawn when

  TEditButtonEh.Style = ebsGlyphEh and TDBEditEh.EditButtons[i].Images.NormalImages 

is assigned.

+ Added EmptyDataInfo property in DBGridEh. If this property is enabled and DataSet is Active
and it contains no data, then DBGridEh draws text in the center
of the client area. You can specify the inscription for each DBGrid or set a
global variable DBGridEhEmptyDataInfoText that is located in the module DBGridEh.

+ Added EmptyDataInfo property in the TDBEditEh, TDBNumberEditEh, TDBComboBoxEh,
TDBLookupComboBoxEh. Use TDBEditEh.EmptyDataInfo.Text property to display
the text that will be displayed in the Edit control when it contains no data.

+ Added standart property Touch (supported in Delphi 2010 and higher) for DBGridEh,
TDBEditEh, TDBNumberEditEh, TDBComboBoxEh, TDBLookupComboBoxEh, TDBDateTimeEditEh.

+ Added the ability in design-time to open the Edit buttons collection editor
(EditButtons) in TDBEditEh, TDBNumberEditEh, TDBComboBoxEh, TDBLookupComboBoxEh,
TDBDateTimeEditEh controls.
A menu item to open the collection is in the context menu of the component that
opens on the right mouse button.

+ In TDBCheckBoxEh added the ability to set Empty value (”) for properties
ValueChecked, ValueUnchecked. This allows you to set the state of CheckBox
for Null value of DB field.

+ In DBGridEh added OnDataGroupGetRowParams event.
The event is used to customize information for group records (when
Grid works in data grouping mode – Grid.DataGrouping.Active = True).
In the event you can specify color, font, text and pictures for the group row.

+ in the module DBGridEhImpExp added a global procedure – ExportDBGridEhToOleExcel.
The procedure is designed to export data from DBGridEh to MS Excel.
The procedure uses OLE to export data which means the MS Excel must be installed
on the computer to allow this procedure work.

+ At design-time a context menu of TDBGridEh component displays information about
the version of the library.

+ Added global procedure – DrawProgressBarEh. The procedure allows you to draw a picture
in the form of a progress bar (ProgressBar). It can be used to display
progress bar in grid cells. See example of use in the DEMOS\DEMO1 project.