How to Choose a Reliable Live Chat for Your WordPress Site

How to Choose a Reliable Live Chat for Your WordPress Site

Building an informative and interesting WordPress website is just the thing for today’s businesses who want to draw traffic and promote a certain product or service. However, as the internet is becoming more social and interactive, there is an increased need of adding a great number of dynamic and engaging elements to your web pages.

A live chat feature could be just the thing you are looking for. You can use it in a variety of ways that will help your potential customers: allowing them to talk and exchange opinions among themselves, providing a live support chat box or even installing a whole set of chat rooms in case you want to expand the social power of your site. And it the first step is choosing reliable live chat software for your WordPress site.

The Easy Approach – Use a WordPress Plug-in

The easiest way to enable chat on your website is to install a ready-made chat plug-in available for WordPress sites. You can do this by searching for one on the web or just going to your admin page and performing a search there.

Once you find the plug-in of your choice, simply install it – either according to the instructions provided with the archive, or by installing and activating it automatically from your WordPress admin page.

Java Chat – A Great Free Alternative

If you’re looking for free chat apps, you may not be able to find a lot of them in today’s market. However, there’re still some great Java chat applications that can be installed on any website easily.

In most cases all you need to do is to sign up on the website that provides the app, and receive a free HTML code snippet that you can add to your WordPress site. While your customization options are somewhat limited in this case, it can be an easy and free way of adding this feature.

Custom Chat Rooms and Chat Boxes

Free applications can be good if you’re looking for something simple, but they are usually quite limited. If you want to stand out and offer your visitors the best experience possible, you need a more comprehensive, personalized solution. We recommend you hire a web programmer or a web programming service to build you a custom chat room or chat box.

Even though this option may be somewhat costly, you will have full control on what features you want to add to your live chat, be able to personalize the design so it can fit any other sites and blogs you may want to build in the future.

More Dynamic Chat Options

Still, there are many more chat applications you can use. Consider these options, as well.

  • Some sites provide free Flash chat widgets that you can add to certain specific pages or sidebar locations.
  • Your internet service provider may automatically make this feature available to you with a chat bar that will be visible from every part of your site, allowing your visitors to interact while browsing your blog or web pages.

While most live chat plug-ins and applications are free, it is up to you whether or not you are happy with them or require a more comprehensive and personalized option. Regardless be sure you’re investing in the right options, as your new live chat is likely going to have a great impact on your visitors and overall customer care.

Shelly Watson is a specialist from Comm100 Live Chat Team. When not developing new ideas on the product, she can be found writing about the live chat technology and fiddling with the rest of the world.

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