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  • Ablutions (Audiobook)

    Ablutions (Audiobook) By Patrick deWitt, read by Garrick Hagon
    Unabridged edition 2012 | 5 hours and 36 mins | ISBN: n/a , ASIN: B007C4IX6K | MP3 48 kbps | 121 MB

  • The Devil's In The Details (2013)

    The Devil's In The Details (2013)
    English | BDRip | MP4 | MPEG4 Video (H264) 2042 kbps | 1920×796 | 23.98 fps | 1.49 GB
    Audio: AAC, 95 kbps | Stereo | 48000 Hz | Runtime: 01:40:18 minutes | Subtitle: English
    Genre: Thriller

    7 minutes from now in Nogales, Arizona. Thomas Conrad's life will forever change when he gets caught up in a Mexican cartels poetic game of drug mule chess.

  • Susan Scott, Biology of Plagues: Evidence from Historical Populations

    Susan Scott, Biology of Plagues: Evidence from Historical Populations
    ISBN: 0521801508 | edition 2001 | PDF | 434 pages | 32 mb

    The threat of unstoppable plagues, such as AIDS and Ebola, is always with us. In Europe, the most devastating plagues were those from the Black Death pandemic in the 1300s to the Great Plague of London in 1665. For the past 100 years it has been accepted that Yersinia pestis, the infective agent of bubonic plague, was responsible for these epidemics. This book combines modern concepts of epidemiology and molecular biology with computer-modeling. Applying these concepts to the analysis of historical epidemics, the authors show that they were not, in fact, outbreaks of bubonic plague.

  • Simpsons Comics Presents Bart Simpson 084 (2013)

    Simpsons Comics Presents Bart Simpson 084 (2013)
    English | CBR | 32 pages | 35.88 MB

  • Clark Terry – One On One (2000) [Official Digital Download 24bit/96kHz]

    Clark Terry – One On One (2000)
    FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time – 66:09 minutes | 1,19 GB
    Official Digital Download – Source: | Digital Booklet

    On his landmark album, One on One, legendary trumpeter/flugelhorn player Clark Terry performs intimate duets with 14 of the world's greatest living pianists. Conceived as a "tribute" album of sorts, this 96/24 recording spotlights the artistry of not only Terry but also the masters of 20th-century jazz piano and composition: each pianist performs an homage to his or her own jazz hero. A once-in-a-lifetime recording for jazz fans and audiophiles alike.

  • Дорога смерти. 43-я армия в боях на Варшавском шоссе. Схватка с "Тайфуном". 1941-1942

    Дорога смерти. 43-я армия в боях на Варшавском шоссе. Схватка с "Тайфуном". 1941-1942
    2013 | Сергей Михеенков | Центрполиграф | ISBN: 5227031333 | руcский | PDF or DjVu | 412 pages | 33.2 Mb or 15.5 Mb

    До сих пор мы, потомки победителей в Великой Отечественной войне, не можем понять, как же все-таки выстояли наши отцы и деды в 1941-м под Москвой? Какая сила остановила железный таран немецких танков? Как был опрокинут блицкриг? Эта книга – попытка ответить на многие волнующие вопросы…

  • Salgari Emilio – La rivincita di Yanez

    Salgari Emilio – La rivincita di Yanez
    Bemporad | 1913 | ISBN: n/a | EPUB | pages n/a | 3 MB

    Con questo romanzo si conclude, oltre alle vicende del regno dell'Assam, una vera e propria epopea quale può essere considerata quella dei "Pirati della Malesia". Sandokan e Yanez si ritrovano nuovamente insieme, legati dalla loro indissolubile amicizia, a combattere perchè la giustizia possa farsi strada, e possa finalmente instaurarsi la pace, per loro stessi e per coloro che gli sono cari, aiutati stavolta anche da terribili armi moderne che gettano una luce inquietante su quelli che sono i ritrovati dell'arte della guerra, visti con gli occhi dei due pirati da sempre abituati a contare solo sul proprio valore per sconfiggere i nemici. 11° romanzo del ciclo dei pirati della Malesia.

  • HolzWerken Magazine #41 (Jul-Aug 2013)

    HolzWerken Magazine #41 (Jul-Aug 2013)
    German | PDF | 68 pages | 35 Mb

  • Il gioco della logica (Repost)

    Lewis Carroll – Il gioco della logica
    Italian | Astrolabio | True PDF | 56 Pages | ISBN: 8834003063 | 1978 | 3 Mb

    È una delle opere più estrose e stimolanti mai scritte sull'argomento. In questo libro Carroll mostra come la logica aristotelica possa essere trasformata in un gioco semplice e affascinante che si fa con due diagrammi e nove gettoni (forniti assieme al volume). Oltre alla spiegazione delle regole del gioco, il libro propone la spiegazione di centinaia di sottili e spassosi sillogismi.

  • История Индии

    История Индии
    2011 | Джон Кей | АСТ, Астрель | ISBN: 978 5170705214 | руcский | PDF or DjVu | 772 pages | 60.0 Mb or 17.3 Mb

    Индия – страна, подарившая человечеству одну из основных мировых религии, высокое искусство и литературу, уникальное зодчество, множество философских учений… Страна, пережившая множество нашествий, однако век за веком сохранявшая самобытность и становившаяся только сильнее. "Жемчужина короны Британской империи" XIX века. Родина Тагора, Ганди и Неру. И наконец, современное, динамично развивающееся государство, ставшее на путь модернизации.

  • Was ist Mathematik? (Repost)

    Richard Courant, Herbert Robbins, "Was ist Mathematik?"
    German | 2010 | ISBN: 3642137008 | 421 pages | PDF | 116 MB

    "Was ist Mathematik?" lädt jeden ein, das Reich der Mathematik zu betreten, der neugierig genug ist, sich auf ein Abenteuer einzulassen. Das Buch richtet sich an Leser jeden Alters und jeder Vorbildung. Gymnasiallehrer erhalten eine Fülle von Beispielen, Studenten bietet es Orientierung, und Dozenten werden sich an den Feinheiten der Darstellung zweier Meister ihres Faches erfreuen.

  • Salgari Emilio – La caduta di un impero

    Salgari Emilio – La caduta di un impero
    Bemporad | 1911 | ISBN: n/a | EPUB | pages n/a | 3 MB

    Diretto seguito de "Il Bramino dell'Assam", questo romanzo riprende le avventure di Yanez, intento a salvare il proprio regno da un vecchio nemico deciso a conquistarlo. Kammamuri sarà una figura di primo piano per gran parte del romanzo, suo compito sarà infatti quello di sollecitare l'aiuto di Sandokan, di trovarlo e di guidarlo in soccorso del "fratellino" Yanez, attraverso una giungla impervia, le cui difficoltà saranno rappresentate non solo da grovigli di piante e da belve feroci, ma anche da tradimenti e colpi di scena. 10° romanzo del ciclo dei pirati della Malesia.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 023 (2013)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 023 (2013)
    English | CBR | 24 pages | 56.93 MB

  • Woodshop News – July 2013

    Woodshop News – July 2013
    True PDF | English | 60 pages | 47.9 MB

  • NetworkActiv AUTAPF 1.1.2

    NetworkActiv AUTAPF 1.1.2 | 0.5 MB

    NetworkActiv AUTAPF is a very easy to use, quick to configure UDP and TCP Windows based port forwarder. AUTAPF is stand-alone and does not require any underlying components, for the port forwarding is done within the program itself. Designed with fault-tolerance and for high-throughput, AUTAPF supports a reliable and responsive network infrastructure.

  • Hothouse (Audiobook)

    Hothouse (Audiobook) by Brian Aldiss and Nick Boulton
    English | 2013 | ISBN: n/a | ASIN: B00C6T2808 | 8 hours and 59 minutes | MP3 80 kbps | 309 MB

    In a strange future, the Earth has stopped rotating, and the stationary world is now split between perpetual day and unending night. The few remaining humans are led by the elders who, facing the end of their time, hand the leadership to a young girl, Toy.

  • Danny P. Wallace, Knowledge Management: Historical and Cross-Disciplinary Themes (Repost)

    Danny P. Wallace, Knowledge Management: Historical and Cross-Disciplinary Themes
    ISBN: 1591585023 | edition 2007 | PDF | 245 pages | 12 mb

    The strength of this book lies in the author's ability to pull together diverse philosophies and multiple theories as they relate to this "new" field called knowledge management. Wallace includes a fair representation of philosophies and highlights the contributions of each, using a writing style that is as simplified as advanced academic-level material permits. Collapsed biographies of philosophers are presented throughout the chapters, permitting readers insight into events that may have influenced their lives and thinking….

  • Legends of the Dark Knight 056 (2013)

    Legends of the Dark Knight 056 (2013)
    English | CBR | 23 pages | 17.77 MB

  • Today's Dietitian – July 2013

    Today's Dietitian – July 2013
    True PDF | English | 68 Pages | 18.49 MB

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