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  • Flash – A Cavallo dei Fulmini

    Flash – A Cavallo dei Fulmini
    Italian | CBR | 362 pages | 164 MB

  • Windows 8 for Tablets Plain & Simple (Repost)

    Windows 8 for Tablets Plain & Simple
    English | ISBN: 0735670838 | 2012 | 464 pages | PDF | 28 MB

    Learn the simplest ways to get things done with Windows® 8 on tablets!
    Here’s WHAT you’ll learn:

  • Fractional Statistics And Quantum Theory, 2 edition (repost)

    Avinash Khare, "Fractional Statistics And Quantum Theory, 2 edition"
    2005 | ISBN: 9812561609 | 300 pages | PDF | 13,4 MB

    This book explains the subtleties of quantum statistical mechanics in lower dimensions and their possible ramifications in quantum theory. The discussion is at a pedagogical level and is addressed to both graduate students and advanced researchers with a reasonable background in quantum and statistical mechanics. Topics in the first part of the book include the flux tube model of anyons, the braid group and a detailed discussion about the various aspects of quantum and statistical mechanics of a noninteracting anyon gas.

  • Lo Scorpione – Volume 2 – Il Segreto del Papa

    Lo Scorpione – Volume 2 – Il Segreto del Papa
    Italian | CBR | 50 pages | 109 MB

  • The Axiom of Determinacy, Forcing Axioms, and the Nonstationary Ideal, 2 edition (repost)

    W. Hugh Woodin, "The Axiom of Determinacy, Forcing Axioms, and the Nonstationary Ideal, 2 edition"
    2010 | ISBN: 3110197022 | 852 pages | PDF | 4,2 MB

    This is the revised and updated second edition of a well-established research monograph on the axiom of determinacy, written by an expert in the field. This axiom is a fundamental statement in set theory, and it is related to winning strategies in game theory.

  • Денис Давыдов

    Денис Давыдов
    2012 | Александр Бондаренко | Молодая гвардия | ISBN: 978 5235035393 | руcский | PDF or DjVu | 404 pages | 35.8 Mb or 13.0 Mb

    Эта книга не является ни очередным пересказом биографии Дениса Давыдова, ни какой-то "новой версией" его судьбы. Автор оценивает, а порой и переосмысливает известные факты, уточняет правдивость бытующих легенд о поэте-партизане и размышляет по поводу объективности взглядов историков и литературоведов различных времен. Написанная легко и интересно, основанная на документах, письмах и мемуарных источниках книга вводит читателя в неповторимую атмосферу эпохи правления Александра I и начала царствования Николая I.

  • Cognitive Networks: Towards Self-Aware Networks (repost)

    Qusay Mahmoud, "Cognitive Networks: Towards Self-Aware Networks"
    2007 | ISBN: 0470061960 | 368 pages | PDF | 4,2 MB

    Cognitive networks can dynamically adapt their operational parameters in response to user needs or changing environmental conditions. They can learn from these adaptations and exploit knowledge to make future decisions.

  • Tales from Wonderland – Queen of Hearts vs. The Mad Hatter (2010)

    Tales from Wonderland – Queen of Hearts vs. The Mad Hatter (2010)
    English | CBR | 40 pages | 25.64 MB

  • Approximate Kalman Filtering

    Guanrong Chen, "Approximate Kalman Filtering"
    1994 | ISBN-10: 981021359X | 300 pages | PDF | 101 MB

  • General and Systematic Pathology (repost)

    General and Systematic Pathology by James C. E. Underwood
    4 edition (June 29, 2004) | ISBN: 0443073341 | Pages: 856 | CHM | 123 MB

    This highly acclaimed textbook-written specifically for students of medicine and related health science subjects-progresses from a review of general pathology principles and disease mechanisms through detailed discussions of the pathologic entities associated with each organ system. Nearly 700 full-color photographs and pathology slides bring the content to life. The 4th Edition features extensive updates throughout to reflect the latest discoveries in cellular and molecular pathology, and offers a new web site that presents self-assessment material and illustrated clinical case studies.

  • Applied Biophysics of Activated Water

    Vladimir I. Vysotskii , Alla A. Kornilova, "Applied Biophysics of Activated Water: The Physical Properties, Biological Effects and Medical Applications of MRET Activated Water"
    2009 | ISBN-10: 9814271187 | 340 pages | PDF | 30 MB

  • Le magasin des suicides (2012)

    Le magasin des suicides (2012)
    DVDRip | AVI / XviD, 1134 kb/s | 624×336 | Duration: 01:15:55 | French: MP3, 160 kb/s (2 ch) | 709 MB
    Genre: Animation / Comedy / Musical | Country: France / Canada / Belgium

    Imaginez une ville où les gens n’ont plus goût à rien, au point que la boutique la plus florissante est celle où on vend poisons et cordes pour se pendre. Mais la patronne vient d’accoucher d’un enfant qui est la joie de vivre incarnée. Au magasin des suicides, le ver est dans le fruit…

  • Technology-Assisted Problem Solving for Engineering Education (Repost)

    Manjit Singh Sidhu, "Technology-Assisted Problem Solving for Engineering Education: Interactive Multimedia Applications"
    English | 2009 | ISBN: 1605667641 | PDF | 334 pages | 8,9 mb

  • The Best of the Best: Fifty Years of Communications and Networking Research (repost)

    IE EE Communications Society, William H. Tranter, Desmond P. Taylor and Rodger E. Ziemer, "The Best of the Best: Fifty Years of Communications and Networking Research"
    2007 | ISBN: 0470112689 | 692 pages | PDF | 60,4 MB

    The culmination of a half century's work from the most distinguished researchers in the communications and networking field
    To mark its fiftieth anniversary, the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) culled five decades' worth of articles from its various journals to present a thorough, single-volume retrospective of the most notable works. The Best of the Best: Fifty Years of Communications and Networking Research presents fifty-six papers, divided into two categories—Communications and Networking—and grouped chronologically. This landmark resource provides readers with:

  • Analytic Aspects of Quantum Fields (Repost)

    Andrei A. Bytsenko, G. Cognola, E. Elizalde, V. Moretti, S. Zerbini, "Analytic Aspects of Quantum Fields"
    English | 2003 | ISBN: 9812383646 | PDF | 360 pages | 10,9 mb

  • Electronics Two (Repost)

    Harry Mileaf, "Electronics Two"
    English | 1976 | ISBN: 0810459558 | PDF | 127 pages | 25 mb

  • Cineplex Magazine N.2 – February 2013

    Cineplex Magazine N.2 – February 2013
    English | 52 Pages | True PDF | 12.84 Mb

  • Few-Body Problems in Physics (repost)

    Yupeng Yan, C. Kobdaj, P. Suebka, "Few-Body Problems in Physics"
    2007 | ISBN: 9812704817 | PDF | 424 pages | 20 MB

  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server v2.2.1

    Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server v2.2.1 | 165 MB

    OS X Server is the next generation of Apple’s award winning server software. Designed for OS X and iOS devices, OS X Server makes it easy to share files, schedule meetings, synchronize contacts, host your own website, publish wikis, configure Macs, iPhones and iPads, remotely access your network, and more. Anyone can quickly and easily turn a Mac running Mountain Lion into a server that’s perfect for home offices, businesses, schools, and hobbyists alike.

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