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  • Great Thoughts to Sell By: Quotes to Motivate You to Success (repost)

    Gerhard Gschwandtner, "Great Thoughts to Sell By: Quotes to Motivate You to Success"
    2007 | ISBN: 0071475990 | 224 pages | PDF | 5 MB

  • The Mind Incarnate (Repost)

    Lawrence A. Shapiro, "The Mind Incarnate (Life and Mind: Philosophical Issues in Biology and Psychology)"
    English | 2004 | ISBN: 0262194961 | PDF | 269 pages | 11,3 mb

  • Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach (Repost)

    John L. Hennessy, "Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach"
    English | 2007 | ISBN: 0123704901 | PDF | 705 pages | 5,6 mb

  • Ame-Comi Girls 021 (2013)

    Ame-Comi Girls 021 (2013)
    English | CBR | 23 pages | 12.33 MB

  • Revenge of the Liar: New Essays on the Paradox (Repost)

    JC Beall, "Revenge of the Liar: New Essays on the Paradox"
    English | 2008 | ISBN: 019923390X | PDF | 296 pages | 11,3 mb

  • Video Shooter, Second Edition: Storytelling with HD Cameras (repost)

    Barry Braverman, "Video Shooter, Second Edition: Storytelling with HD Cameras"
    English | 2009 | ISBN: 0240810880 | 300 pages | PDF | 41 MB

    Tired of the dry rudimentary guidebooks that ignore the art of telling compelling video stories? Video Shooter takes you to a new level of competence and expertise by presenting the camera as a potent storytelling tool. Sure, you will learn the basics of HD formats, the fundamentals of compression and color space, but only so much as these technical areas serve your craft, which includes more fundamentally camera placement and eyeline, choice of lens focal length and the power of the triangle in creating powerful compositions. Throughout the book you will come to understand the master shooter's guiding principle, that story is the conduit through which all creative and technical decisions flow.

  • Transportation Security (Butterworth-Heinemann Homeland Security) (repost)

    Clifford Bragdon, "Transportation Security (Butterworth-Heinemann Homeland Security)"
    English | ISBN: 0750685492 | edition 2008 | PDF | 456 pages | 14.1 mb

    Insecure transportation systems are costing our worldwide mobility-based economy as much as 6% of GDP annually. The effectiveness of security measures vary widely. In the United States, depending on the mode of transportation, it ranges from "medium effectiveness" for airports to "low effectiveness" for maritime, rail, transit, and intermodal activities. Situational awareness and interoperability are lacking as we try to deal with both natural and man-made disasters.

  • The Usborne Big Book of Experiments (repost)

    The Usborne Big Book of Experiments By Alastair Smith
    1996 | ISBN: 0590973207 | 96 pages | PDF | 26,1 MB

    Children can investigate the world around them and discover science in action. Specially chosen activities include making electricity, bending light and weather watching. Helpful descriptions, clearly written text and explanations show how and why the experiments work. Striking artwork and photographs illustrate all projects with clarity.

  • Theory and Problems of Differential and Integral Calculus, 3 Edition (Repost)

    Frank Ayres, Elliott Mendelson, "Theory and Problems of Differential and Integral Calculus, 3 Edition"
    English | 1990 | ISBN: 0070026629 | PDF | 484 pages | 13,7 mb

  • Victoria Azarenka – 2013 Australian Open Champion Photocall January 27, 2013

    Victoria Azarenka – 2013 Australian Open Champion Photocall January 27, 2013
    33 JPG | up to 2800×4200 | 40,8 mb
    Belarusian professional tennis player

  • The Scribner Library of Modern Europe: Since 1914 (5 vol. set) (repost)

    John Merriman, "The Scribner Library of Modern Europe: Since 1914 (5 vol. set)"
    English | ISBN: 0684313650 | edition 2006 | PDF | 3247 pages | 71,5 mb

    This set presents Europe's major historical events between 1914 and 2005 and explores the political, military, social, cultural, and technological transformations of this period. Additionally, the encyclopedia examines Europe's global influence and European unification. Edited by two professors of history at Yale University, it is the companion to Europe 1789 to 1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of Industry and Empire (2006).

  • Essentials of Materials for Science and Engineering

    Donald R. Askeland, Pradeep P. Phule, "Essentials of Materials for Science and Engineering"
    English | 2004-04-02 | ISBN: 0534253091 | 586 pages | PDF | 69.2 mb

  • Electronics Three, Volume 3 (Repost)

    Harry Mileaf, "Electronics Three, Volume 3"
    English | 1976 | ISBN: 0810459566 | PDF | 148 pages | 30,5 mb

  • Shattered Bones: True Survival Stories (repost)

    Sandra Markle, "Shattered Bones: True Survival Stories"
    2010 | ISBN: 0822587033 | 48 pages | PDF | 8,9 MB

    An injured motocross star has pins, screws, and a metal rod inserted into broken bones in his legs and feet to help them heal. A softball pitcher has her face rebuilt after being hit with a ball. A cancer patient receives a hip joint graft when his own joint gives out.That's powerful medicine!

  • Science and Technology in World History, Vol. 1: The Ancient World and Classical Civilization (repost)

    David Deming, "Science and Technology in World History, Vol. 1: The Ancient World and Classical Civilization"
    2010 | ISBN: 0786439327 | 275 pages | PDF | 11,3 MB

    Science is a living, organic activity, the meaning and understanding of which have evolved incrementally over human history. This book, the first in a roughly chronological series, explores the development of the methodology and major ideas of science, in historical context, from ancient times to the decline of classical civilizations around 300 A.D. It includes details specific to the histories of specialized sciences including astronomy, medicine and physics–along with Roman engineering and Greek philosophy. It closely describes the contributions of such individuals as Pythagoras, Hippocrates, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Euclid, Archimedes, Ptolemy, Seneca, Pliny the Elder, and Galen.

  • Professional Interior Photography, 3 Ed (repost)

    Michael Harris, "Professional Interior Photography, 3 Ed"
    English | 2003-01 | ISBN: 0240519027 | 188 pages | PDF | 59 MB

    This highly visual, full colour text is a must have purchase for all student and professional interior photographers, from residential to industrial. Michael Harris provides a complete guide through the vast choice of equipment and materials available, sharing his professional knowledge to help you improve your images.

  • Radar Signals (Repost)

    Nadav Levanon, Eli Mozeson, "Radar Signals"
    English | 2004-07-01 | ISBN: 0471473782 | 423 pages | PDF | 69.2 mb

  • Pinhole Photography, Fourth Edition: From Historic Technique to Digital Application (repost)

    Eric Renner, "Pinhole Photography, Fourth Edition: From Historic Technique to Digital Application"
    2008 | ISBN: 0240810473 | 272 pages | PDF | 12,9 MB

    A respected guide for creatives, artists and photographers alike, Pinhole Photography is packed with all the information you need to understand and get underway with this wonderfully quirky, creative technique. Covering pinhole photography from its historical roots, pinhole expert Eric Renner, founder of, fully explores the theory and practical application of pinhole in this beautiful resource.

  • Esbjorn Svensson Trio (E.S.T.) – Live In Hamburg (2007) [2CD] {ACT Music} [repost]

    Esbjorn Svensson Trio (E.S.T.) – Live In Hamburg (2007) [2CD] {ACT Music}
    EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 750 Mb | MP3 @320 -> 283 Mb
    Full Artwork @ 300 dpi (jpg) -> 26 Mb | 5% repair rar
    © 2007 ACT Music | 6002-2
    Jazz / Progressive Jazz / Electronic / Piano

    In a word: wow. Since their 1993 debut album, the Esbjörn Svensson Trio, or E.S.T., as it is usually called, have taken the jazz world by storm, winning numerous awards, playing sold-out world tours, topping the charts, and generally enjoying a popularity that's exceeded that of almost any other jazz group in years. The trio was also the first European jazz group to grace the cover of Down Beat magazine, which led to long discussions about the heritage of jazz and the validity of European jazz; and, naturally, it caused some listeners to perceive an artificial hype and discredit the band for simply not being as brilliant as everyone says they are.

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