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  • Rali Ivanova – Official Wall Calendar 2013

    Rali Ivanova – Official Wall Calendar 2013
    2 JPG | 5101 x 3352 (UHQ) | 8.01 MB

    Rali Ivanova (Ivanova Rali, born March 27, 1985 in Varna, Bulgaria) is a Professional Model.

  • The Three Musketeers (Audiobook) (repost)

    The Three Musketeers (Audiobook) By Alexandre Dumas
    English | 2005 | ISBN: 1596009705 | 23 hours and 38 minutes | MP3 | 1,94 GB

    "All for one and one for all!" The young and headstrong D'Artagnan, having proven his bravery by dueling with each, becomes a friend of Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, members of the King's Musketeers. He is in love with Constance Bonancieux and, at her urging, he and his friends head for England to reclaim two diamond studs that the Queen has imprudently given to her lover, the Duke of Buckingham. Richelieu, the chief minister of King Louis XIII, will resort to anything – even murder – to stop the Musketeers from interfering with his plan to ruin Queen Anne's reputation, and her influence over the King. The Three Musketeers is one of the world's greatest adventure stories, and its heroes have become symbols of youth, daring, and friendship. Behind the flashing blades, Dumas explores the eternal conflict between good and evil.

  • The Book of Xen: A Practical Guide for the System Administrator (repost)

    Luke S. Crawford, Chris Takemura, "The Book of Xen: A Practical Guide for the System Administrator"
    ISBN: 1593271867 | 2009 | EPUB/MOBI | 312 pages | 4 MB/2 MB

  • Stone Fury – Burns Like A Star (1984)

    Stone Fury – Burns Like A Star (1984)
    EAC Rip | APE: IMAGE+CUE+LOG | 277.58 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 97.24 MB | Time: 39:13 | Covers
    Genre: Hard Rock, Hair Metal | Label: MCA/RetroActive | Cat.#: 85151

    Before he was in Kingdom Come, Lenny Wolf (possessor of without a doubt one of the best voices in hard rock) was in Stone Fury. This was his first band after coming to LA from Germany, and it's good stuff. This is the first of two studio albums Stone Fury put out, and possesses the moderate hit Break Down the Walls. Stone Fury isn't as polished as Kingdom Come, with a rawer sound, but KC fans will love this.

  • Nikon Capture NX 2.3.5 Update Only

    Nikon Capture NX 2.3.5 Update Only | 89.6 MB

    Capture NX 2 easy-to-use software lets you make intuitive photo enhancements which are immediately visible on your monitor. Simply place the Control Point on the area that you want to edit and U Point Technology will analyze color elements such as hue, saturation and brightness, as well as recognize similar areas where an edit would best be applied.This technology powers the entire Capture NX 2 series of Control Points: Color Control Points, the all-new Selection Control Points, White/Black/Neutral Control Points and Red-Eye Control Points. With Capture NX 2, there's no need to deal with selection tools, layers or lengthy training.

  • Israeli Special Forces (The Power Series) (Repost)

    Samuel M. Katz – Israeli Special Forces
    Motorbooks International | 1993 | ISBN: 0879387157 | English | 130 pages | PDF | 91.57 MB

  • Grand Hotel (1932)

    Grand Hotel (1932)
    BDRip 720p | MKV / AVC, 4783 Kbps | 992×720 | 1h 52mn | 4.37 GB
    BDRip 1080p | MKV / AVC, 8952 Kbps | 1488×1080 | 1h 52mn | 7.65 GB
    English: DTS, 768 Kbps (1 ch) | Subtitles: English
    Genre: Drama | Romance

    Berlin's plushest, most expensive hotel is the setting where in the words of Dr. Otternschlag "People come, people go. Nothing ever happens.". The doctor is usually drunk so he missed the fact that Baron von Geigern is broke and trying to steal eccentric dancer Grusinskaya's pearls. He ends up stealing her heart instead. Powerful German businessman Preysing brow beats Kringelein, one of his company's lowly bookkeepers but it is the terminally ill Kringelein who holds all the cards in the end. Meanwhile, the Baron also steals the heart of Preysing's mistress, Flaemmchen, but she doesn't end up with either one of them in the end…

  • The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem: Judah Under Babylonian Rule

    The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem: Judah Under Babylonian Rule By Oded Lipschitz
    2005 | 474 Pages | ISBN: 1575060957 | PDF | 2 MB

  • AA.VV. – Terremoto 2012 – emilia: geologia, rilievi agibilità, analisi dei danni

    AA.VV. – Terremoto 2012 – emilia: geologia, rilievi agibilità, analisi dei danni
    Publisher: Labanti e Nanni | ISBN: N/A | Release: 2012 | Italian | 65 Pages | PDF | 5.55 Mb

  • Mayu Watanabe – Official Desktop Calendar 2013

    Mayu Watanabe – Official Desktop Calendar 2013
    5 JPG | 1280 x 840 | 2.61 MB

    Mayu Watanabe (Watanabe Mayu, born March 26, 1994 in Saitama Prefecture) is a member of the Japanese idol group AKB48 Team B. She is also a member of Watarirouka Hashiritai and Team Dragon from AKB48. Her nickname is Mayuyu.

  • Chronicle – Wozu bist du fähig? (2012)

    Chronicle – Wozu bist du fähig? (2012)
    BDRip | AVI / XviD, 1881 kb/s | 720×384 | Duration: 01:29:36 | German: AC3, 448 kb/s (6 ch) | 1.46 GB
    Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller | Country: USA

    Die drei Teenager Andrew (Dane DeHaan), Steve (Michael B. Jordan) und Matt (Alex Russell) machen eine äußerst ungewöhnliche Entdeckung. Auf einem Feld finden die drei jungen Männer ein in der Erde vergrabenes Objekt. Der Fund scheint einen mirakulösen Einfluss auf die Halbstarken zu haben, denn schon kurz nach der Begegnung verfügen sie über ungewöhnliche Kräfte. Anfangs völlig überrascht von ihren neuen Fähigkeiten, probieren sich die Jugendlichen erst einmal aus und treiben ihre Späße.

  • Eos Systems Photomodeler Scanner 2012.2.1.780 (x86/x64)

    Eos Systems Photomodeler Scanner 2012.2.1.780 (x86/x64) | 104.6/113 Mb

    PhotoModeler Scanner provides the tools for you to create accurate, high quality 3D models and measurements from photographs. The process is called photo-based 3d scanning.

  • Wine Pass / Piemonte N.1 – Dicembre 2012

    Wine Pass / Piemonte N.1 – Dicembre 2012
    Italian | 108 Pages | PDF | 57.01 Mb

  • David Copperfield (Classic Fiction) (Audiobook)

    David Copperfield (Classic Fiction) (Audiobook) By Charles Dickens
    English | 1998 | ISBN: 9626341513 | 33 hours and 53 minutes | MP3 | 948 MB

    'I really think I have done it ingeniously and with a very complicated interweaving of truth and fiction.' So wrote Dickens of David Copperfield (1850), the novel he called his 'favourite child'. Through his hero Dickens draws openly on his own life, as David Copperfield recalls his experiences from childhood to the discovery of his vocation as a successful novelist. Rosa Dartle, Dora, Steerforth and Uriah Heep are among the characters who focus the hero's sexual and emotional drives, and Mr Micawber, a portrait of Dickens's own father, evokes the mixture of love, nostalgia and guilt that, put together, make this Dickens's most quoted and best-loved novel.

  • Vision TV – Godless (2011)

    Vision TV – Godless (2011)
    HDTV | 1280×720 | MKV/x264 @ 2727 Kbps | 2x45mn | Audio: English AC3 192 kbps, 2 channels | Subs: None | 2×960 MB
    Genre: Documentary

    Godless takes a compelling look at a growing subculture with no faith or belief in a god and finds many surprising ways in which non-believers are emulating the structures and practices of organized religion: holding services, teaching non-supernatural interpretations of religious texts, proselytizing and even risking their lives for the freedom to express non-belief.

  • CompTIA Network+ Training Kit (Exam N10-005)

    Craig Zacker, "CompTIA Network+ Training Kit (Exam N10-005)"
    English | ISBN: 0735662754 | 2012 | PDF, EPUB, CD contents | 704 pages | 148 MB

  • Artworks of Paolo Caliari (Veronese)

    Artworks of Paolo Caliari (Veronese)
    27 JPG | up to 3000×3500 Pixels | 120.2 MB
    Italian painter

  • Verità e Giustizia N.100 – 20 Dicembre 2012

    Verità e Giustizia N.100 – 20 Dicembre 2012
    Italian | 19 Pages | PDF | 3.41 Mb

  • Big Fish Audio Essential Brushes KONTAKT DVDR

    Big Fish Audio Essential Brushes KONTAKT DVDR | 656 MB

    Within this Sound Library you will find a collection of drum loops, all played with brushes. The 21 drumset construction kits span a large variety of genres and tempos. Within each folder, you will find plenty of loops, fills and variations that can be chained together to create a realistic drum track for your musical work. Each genre and tempo folder also contains a unique "Snare Only" track, which is just the snare drum being played with brushes. You can add your own drumset samples around the snare-only loop to create an endless quantity of unique sounding drum tracks.

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