Devart UniDAC v.4.6.11 (17-Dec-2012) Full Source (All-in-one)

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4.6.11 17-Dec-2012

Rad Studio XE3 Update 1 is now required
C++Builder 64-bit for Windows is supported
Bug with getting default values for fields with aliases is fixed
Bug with storing Specific options is fixed
Bug with using quoted field names in the IndexFieldNames property is fixed
Bug with processing macros named in Cyrillic is fixed
Bug in TUniStoredProc with closing dataset when the Disconnected property is True is fixed

Oracle data provider
Bug with loading data into column with TDateTime data type by UniLoader is fixed
Bug with invalid backup progress in TUniBackup is fixed
Bug with impossibility to edit query if it contains ‘(‘ inside quotes is fixed
Bug with Filter and CHAR data type when UseUnicode=True is fixed
Bug with getting data with CHAR type for Oracle 7 is fixed
Bug with setting Charset property for Oracle client 9 & 10 is fixed
Bug with AV in ApplyUpdates method in UniDataSet with not defined Session property is fixed

SQLServer data provider
The Port specific option that allows specifying the port number for connection is added
Bug with getting default field values when using not the default dbo schema is fixed

MySQL data provider
Bug with dump BIGINT UNSIGNED fields is fixed
Bug with resolving hostname on iOS device is fixed

PostgreSQL data provider
Bug with SETOF REFCURSOR procedure parameters is fixed
Bug with resolving hostname on iOS device is fixed

InterBase data provider
Bug with datetime field default values is fixed

ODBC data provider
Bug with AV on freeing a DLL linked statically is fixed
Bug with trash symbols instead of empty string value is fixed

MS Access data provider
Bug with parameters in master-detail relationship when QuoteNames=True is fixed

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