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  • "High Performance Polymers: Polyimides Based – From Chemistry to Applications" ed. by Marc Jean Médard Abadie

    "High Performance Polymers: Polyimides Based – From Chemistry to Applications" ed. by Marc Jean Médard Abadie
    InTeOp | 2012 | ISBN: 9535108993 9789535108993 | 254 pages | PDF | 21 MB

    This book will review synthesis, mechanisms, ultimate properties, physico-chemical properties, processing and applications of such high performance materials needed in advanced technologies. It presents interdisciplinary papers on the state of knowledge of each topic under consideration through a combination of overviews and original unpublished research.

  • Nino Rota ‎– Omaggio A – Homage To Federico Fellini (1993)

    Nino Rota ‎– Omaggio A / Homage To Federico Fellini (1993)
    EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 384 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320/Stereo) ~ 188 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included
    Genre: Soundtrack, Film Score | Label: Butterfly Music | # BMCDS 101 | Time: 01:12:47

    Music compilation from Fellini's main films.

  • Atoms and Molecules (repost)

    Nathan Lepora, "Atoms and Molecules"
    2010 | ISBN: 1608701913 | 48 pages | PDF | 27 MB

    Everything in the world is made up of atoms. These tiny particles join together to form molecules. Some molecules are tiny. For example, one molecule of water has only two hydrogen atoms joined to one oxygen atom. However, other molecules grow into giant structures built from billions of atoms. Living things, such as the human body, are made from networks of molecules. Understanding the seemingly invisible world of atoms is very important.

  • "Photodiodes: From Fundamentals to Applications" ed. by Ilgu Yun

    "Photodiodes: From Fundamentals to Applications" ed. by Ilgu Yun
    InTeOp | 2012 | ISBN: 9535108955 9789535108955 | 376 pages | PDF | 36 MB

    This book represents recent progress and development of the photodiodes including the fundamental reviews and the specific applications developed by the authors themselves. The key idea of this book is that it allows authors to deal with a wide range of backgrounds and research progresses in photodiode-related areas.

  • Dutch With Ease

    Dutch With Ease
    4xAudio CDs in MP3 / Dutch: MP3, 128 kb/s (2 ch) | Duration: 3 hours | + PDF Guide | 227 mb
    Genre: Dutch Language

    This book aims to take users from scratch to having a solid base in Dutch within six months, and to feel comfortable with the language in as little as three months. In only half an hour a day users will move ahead naturally until they are at ease with all the basic structures needed for communication and become familiar with the basic words and grammar of Dutch. The method comprises two phases: the passive phase, in which users simply repeat what they hear and read, and the active phase, in which users begin to create sentences and imagine themselves in a variety of everyday situations.

  • Fitness His Edition January-February 2013 (South Africa)

    Fitness His Edition January-February 2013 (South Africa)
    English | 84 pages | PDF | 92.77 MB

  • "Nanowires: Recent Advances" ed. by Xihong Peng

    "Nanowires: Recent Advances" ed. by Xihong Peng
    InTeOp | 2012 | ISBN: 9535108986 9789535108986 | 434 pages | PDF | 102 MB

    This book is intended to provide an updated review on the applications of various nanowires and the associated advancements in synthesis and properties characterization. The topics include recent progress in metal oxide nanowires, silicon nanowires, carbon based nanotubes and nanowires.

  • Cranes and Derricks, Fourth Edition (repost)

    Lawrence Shapiro, Jay Shapiro, “Cranes and Derricks, Fourth Edition”
    2010 | ISBN: 0071625577 | 688 pages | PDF | 11 MB

    The Definitive Handbook on Cranes and Derricks–Updated Per the Latest Standards and Equipment
    Fully revised throughout, Cranes and Derricks. Fourth Edition, offers comprehensive coverage of the selection, installation, and safe use of cranes and derricks on construction sites. Written for both engineers and non-engineers by the principals of an engineering consulting firm that has helped to define the state-of-the-art in crane and derrick engineering, this authoritative guide discusses a wide range of equipment and the operations, capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages of each device. References to U.S. and international codes and standards are included in this practical resource, as well as a comprehensive glossary.

  • Climate Change Biology (repost)

    Lee Hannah, “Climate Change Biology”
    2010 | ISBN: 0123741823 | 415 pages | PDF | 14 MB

    Climate Change Biology is a new textbook which examines this emerging discipline of human-induced climate change and the resulting shifts in the distributions of species and the timing of biological events. The text focuses on understanding the impacts of human-induced climate change, but draws on multiple lines of evidence, including paleoecology, modelling and current observation. Climate Change Biology lays out the scope and depth of understanding of this new discipline in terms that are accessible to students, managers and professional biologists.

  • Complex Variables and Applications, 7 edition (repost)

    James Ward Brown, Ruel Vance Churchill, "Complex Variables and Applications, 7 edition"
    2003 | ISBN: 0072872527 | 480 pages | PDF | 6,3 MB

    "Complex Variables and Applications, 8E" will serve, just as the earlier editions did, as a textbook for an introductory course in the theory and application of functions of a complex variable. This new edition preserves the basic content and style of the earlier editions. The text is designed to develop the theory that is prominent in applications of the subject. You will find a special emphasis given to the application of residues and conformal mappings.

  • CyberLink YouCam Deluxe 5.0.2308.22480 Retail

    CyberLink YouCam Deluxe 5.0.2308.22480 Retail
    Multimedia Related | Original Install File + Update | OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (x64x86) | 525 MB
    Languages: English, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, Spanish
    Korean, Chinese Simplified, German, French, Italian + Russian

    YouCam 5 is the ultimate webcam software, providing you all the tools and features you need to get the most out of your webcam. Whether you’re looking for fun features and effects you can use when chatting with friends, or powerful utilities to enhance your work presentations, tutorials or video conferencing, YouCam has it all. For work, play…

  • Effective Building Maintenance: Protection of Capital Assets (repost)

    Herbert W. Stanford, "Effective Building Maintenance: Protection of Capital Assets"
    2010 | ISBN: 1439845530, 0881736384 | 300 pages | PDF | 3,4 MB

    This text addresses in great detail the requirements for designing, implementing, and managing programs and procedures for the maintenance of major building elements from the foundation to the roof, including interior and exterior support systems and sitework elements. Topics include facilities as assets, major renovations, preventative maintenance, special maintenance considerations, and designing for building maintenance.

  • A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, Second Edition (repost)

    Steven Louis Shelley, "A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, Second Edition"
    ISBN: 0240811410 | October 5, 2009 | 488 pages | PDF | 11.3 MB

    Construct and Implement Your Own Lighting Designs with the most trusted guide to stage lighting!
    An entertaining and educational read, author Steven Louis Shelley draws from his 35+ years of diverse experience to bring you the step-by-step technical tools for getting the job done along with real-life examples of projects from start to finish. Learn why some techniques are successful while others fail with 'Shelley's Notes' and 'Shelley's Soapbox,' all with a humor that guides you through complex problems and concepts.

  • IconLover 5.33 + Portable

    IconLover 5.33 + Portable | 12.7/12.3 Mb

    A powerful, easy-to-use utility for finding, extracting, creating and editing icons and cursors and managing icon libraries and image lists.

  • Still Life with Flowers from the 16th to the 21st Century

    Still Life with Flowers from the 16th to the 21st Century
    236 jpg | up to 4147*5051 | 429 Mb

  • Directing and Producing for Television, Fourth Edition: A Format Approach, 4th Edition (repost)

    Ivan Cury, "Directing and Producing for Television, Fourth Edition: A Format Approach, 4th Edition"
    ISBN: 024081293X | October 21, 2010 | 312 pages | PDF | 12.1 MB

    Directing and Producing for Television provides you with the tools you'll need to direct and produce effectively in a variety of settings. Based on his years of experience in the industry and teaching the subject, Cury illustrates fundamental principles with engaging anecdotes that teach by example.

  • America, Hitler and the UN: How the Allies Won World War II and Forged Peace (repost)

    Dan Plesch, "America, Hitler and the UN: How the Allies Won World War II and Forged Peace"
    ISBN: 1848853084 | February 1, 2011 | PDF | 272 pages | 16 MB

  • Thunderbolts 002 (2013)

    Thunderbolts 002 (2013)
    English | CBR | 24 pages | 23.17 MB

  • X-Men Legacy 003 (2013)

    X-Men Legacy 003 (2013)
    English | CBR | 24 pages | 31.29 MB

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