kbmMemTable Pro v7.20.00 Full Source

kbmMemTable Pro v7.20.00 Full Source » Все для Delphi и не только…

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of kbmMemTable v. 7.20.00.

– Added support for Delphi XE3.
– Dropped support for D7, D2005, D2006, D2007.

– SQL: Added support for conditional aggregates like: SELECT SUM(IF(fld5>5,1,0)) FROM table GROUP BY fld5
– SQL: Added Length(string) to standard functions.
– SQL: Added SQL support for LIMIT and OFFSET. Eg. SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 10 OFFSET 5
– SQL: Fixed bug with multiple AND/OR parts in statement.
– SQL: Fixed bug related to * (all fields) handling with aggregate functions.
– SQL: Fixed bug related to datatypes of source fields used by aggregate functions.
– SQL: Fixed bug when DELETE or UPDATE statement given without WHERE clause.
– SQL: Fixed bug: SELECT sum(fld4)+sum(fld5) FROM table GROUP BY fld3
– SQL: Fixed bug: SELECT count(*)+3 FROM table
– SQL: Fixed issues with HAVING
– SQL: Improved internal handling of field aliases and unique field names.
– SQL: Optimized performance on accessing source fields.

We have decided to drop support from v. 7.20.00 and on, for older than D2009 Delphi versions.
The main reason is because kbmMemTable starts to take advantage of features only available in D2009.
If you are using an older Delphi version, we are encouraging users to upgrade to a newer version supported by kbmMemTable.

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