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By Oxygen Software. Oxygen Plan Library is the ultimate solution to build various interactive plans.
Main features:

Plan is composed of fully customizable objects. You get the full control over all objects behaviour in run-time.Built-in plan editing capability.
Multiple layers support.
Layers can be easily hide or shown, enabled or disabled.
Objects blinking, highlighting and animation.
Gradient filling support for all plan objects.
Support for WMF, BMP, ICO, JPG and GIF (including animated) graphics.
Delphi-like parent-children paradigm. Optional children clipping.
Background pictures.
Text rotation.
Plans can be stored in files, streams and TStrings-compatible objects.
DisableRepaint/EnableRepaint methods to speed up massive plan updates.
Export plan to BMP, WMF, JPEG or GIF file formats.
Plan can be printed either directly o a printer or using QuickReport – compatible TQROxygenPlan component.
You can expand the possibilities of Oxygen Plan Library by creating your own TPlanObject descendants and registering them using class procedure TOxygenPlan.RegisterPlanObjectClass.
Optional plan transparency.
Plan can be painted to any canvas using PaintToCanvas method.
Painting to desktop.
Built-in plan objects: TPlanLine, TPlanBox, TPlanCircle, TPlanEllipse, TPlanText, TPlanPicture, TPlanPolygon, TPlanAniPicture, TPlanAniGIF, TPlanPolyLine, TPlanTraceLine

uses RxLib and QR (XE3);

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