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BarMenu Components is a package to create menus and popupmenus with a gradient bar – like the classic start-menu. Gradient bar is drawn dynamically so you get very smooth bar with customizable colors. Alternatively you can have bitmap as a bar or even both; bitmap *and* gradient bar. Gradient bar can have dynamically created vertical caption with highlight and shadow colors. Also you can have additional bitmap (e.g. logo) on the bar. If you want you can also draw the menu bar manually through events.

BarMenu Components are compatible with Windows XP. Windows version is autodetected and your menus have automatically XP look under Windows XP
and the standard look under older versions of Windows’. It is also possible to force the MenuStyle.

Menu separator lines in BarMenus can be drawn in a short way – like in Office 2000. Also it is possible to have text in the separator line – like in ICQ. Separator line ends can be faded like in Windows XP and/or lines can be flat (single line, color can be selected).

Making some special application and need custom menu font? These components have MenuFont property to change the font other than the system default just
for the menus in your application.

For more flexibility there is a DrawModule concept. DrawModule is separate module which handles the MenuItem drawing for the whole menu. You can switch between different DrawModules in designtime and runtime. Let the user choose the menu look in your application – implement with just one line of code!

Components are compatible with VCL, so it is easy to convert existing menus. In addition BarMenus are resource friendly, no Form based solutions.
Package contains two demo applications.

BarMenu Components package contains following components:
– TBcBarMainMenu
– TBcBarPopupMenu
– TBcCustomDrawModule

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